Work for Us

We have some work available (mostly for Sheffield students paid via the jobshop, but others considered). Contact Hamish with a short statement of your interest and your CV.


  • Development of analytics and control dashboard for Xponics IoT system management, using NodeJS/Freeboard or Mozaik. Internet of Things devices create large quantities of sensor data. This material needs to be presented to users in an accessible form. In addition devices frequently expose control functions for the systems they are attached to. These controls need to be exposed in a secure form. Our aquaponics (and hydroponics) control and monitoring systems expose various configuration, control and reporting functions. We need browser-based access to these functions, and have previously used a NodeJS/Freeboard solution. Now we need to re-evaluate options for the next generation user interface to this system.
  • Development of Jupyter/BeakerX container-based IPYNB reporting framework for Xponics IoT analytics reporting. Jupyter (formerly IPython Notebook) is a novel approach to literate programming, or the combination of data and program in the same source. Coupled with containers like Docker, the technologies enable fully transferable and repeatable experimental research and publication as an integrated process. This project will use Jupyter (probably running in a BeakerX container) to gather, persist and analyse data streams from ES32-based IoT devices. The context of the work is research on using IoT devices for sustainable food production.
  • ESP32 IDF programming on the unPhone. Skilled in C++ and embedded systems (e.g. Arduino)? We have lots of work available for good firmware programmers.
  • 3D modelling of water flow components and electronic housings for printing to resin and/or cutting on CNC.