We have active research tracks in IoT devices for monitoring and control of aquaponics systems [Coleman, 2014; Cunningham, and Kotzen, 2015] (supported by a cloud-based data aggregation and analytics infrastructure [Tablan et al., 2013] in the GATE architecture [Cunningham et al., 1995; Cunningham et al., 2002]). The hardware has contributed to projects including the Urban Flows Observatory [Munir et al., 2019], the Pitch-In Connecting IoT Capabilities project [Czekster et al., 2021], the unPrism and Vigil Auntie projects [Al-Mhabis, and Cunningham, 2017; Rudd, and Cunningham, 2021a; Rudd, and Cunningham, 2021b; Rudd, and Cunningham, 2022] and the MYHarvest urban agriculture database [Edmondson et al., 2019; Edmondson et al., 2020]. The COM3505 Internet of Things level 3 undergraduate course will enter its 6th iteration in Spring 2023.


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